Sometimes unwanted critters can get into your home through holes in your attic, crawlspace or other damaged areas. Not only do these animals carry germs and disease, they can do damage once inside your home. Unwanted raccoons, mice, rats, squirrels and more can all be major nuisances if not taken care of.

Signs of Mice in your Home

Below is a video we recorded in Orange County, New York. We outlined some of the tell-tale signs of mice in your home with the video below. This was shot in a Port Jervis home.

What Threat Do Mice and Rats Pose?

Rats and mice pose multiple threats to your home. They can carry germs and diseases which can make your family sick. They also leave their droppings behind, which will smell, be unsightly and have even more bacteria in it. Besides that, they can do damage to your home. They will chew through wires, and any small openings that can give them a warm place to sleep.

I have used them for years. They call the day before they come and tell me when they’re going to be there and they show up at that time. The same gentleman has been coming here for years.

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